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Becoming data-driven is a gradual process that often involves a cultural shift, which takes time to fully implement. Our aim is to assist you every step of the way, whether it's by offering a done-for-you service, helping with specific tasks, or addressing internal knowledge gaps. Feel free to share your requirements with us, and we'll be here to provide the support you need.

1. Audit

Our initial aim is to completely grasp your current situation. This includes becoming familiar with the tools you use, assessing how well your tracking system is functioning, identifying important data for your business, and most importantly, gaining a deep understanding of your objectives.

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2. Your request

Feel free to send us any type of request you have in mind. Whether it's a question, setting up tracking, generating reports, or performing data analysis for informed decisions, we're here to assist you.

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3. Get it done

Once we grasp your inquiry and have a clear direction, we create a simple plan to outline the timeline for completion. Then, we proceed with the task at hand. We utilize Trello to consistently update you on progress, any challenges encountered, and to notify you once it's successfully finished.

4. Pay per request

You're only charged when you require our services. Each request comes with a predetermined price before we begin our work – no surprises. Feel free to submit as many requests as you need.

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